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Rec Soccer: Overview


Rec Soccer is open to all Teaneck children.  No tryouts are required and all paid players are placed on teams. Placement is based on year of birth only, school grade is not considered.


  • Open to players aged 4 to 15 years old 
  • Teams play outdoors from August to November
  • Most games are played on Sunday afternoons (after 1pm)
  • Training sessions and practices are Monday to Thursday (after 6pm)


  • Teams play indoors from December to March
  • All activities are on Sunday afternoons in school gyms (after 1pm)
  • Registration will open in late October

Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Periods

  • Fall Season:  Starts late May, with teams announced in August
  • Winter Season:  Starts late October, with teams announced in December

Registration Fees

  • $210 per player during normal registration, Early Bird discount or Late Fee may apply
  • Includes a full Uniform (Shirt, Shorts, Socks), Referee Fees (if applicable), Professional Training and Insurance
  • If the division is waitlisted, a registrant is not required to make a payment until TJSL is able to take the registrant off the waitlist

League Membership Fee:

  • All Rec soccer families pay a $75 League Membership Fee each year
  • The League Membership Fee is refunded after the season if a family member volunteers as a Coach
  • See the League Membership Fee section below for more information

Financial Aid - Youth Player Assistance Program:

  • Provides a fee waiver to youth from low-income families, or families who have experienced sudden financial hardships
  • See the Financial Aid page for more information

Rec Refund Policy:

  • The refund policy applies to Rec Soccer programs only.  No refunds are offered for FC Teaneck and TopSoccer programs.
  • Players who drop out before the Rec Soccer team rosters are published will receive a refund of 50% of their registration fee and the full League Membership Fee.
  • Players who drop out after team rosters are announced but before the published starting date for the Rec Soccer program will receive a refund of 25% of their registration fee and the full League Membership Fee.
  • No fees will be refunded to players who drop out after the published starting date for the Rec Soccer program.


League Membership Fee

As a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization, TJSL is dependent on our participating families to fill critical roles for our League to operate.  The League Membership Fee paid by all Rec Soccer families (only one fee per family), covers expenses incurred by TJSL to supplement our volunteer needs for the Rec Soccer program. 

The $75 fee is refunded at the end of the season if a family member volunteers for a team. Coaches manage the team, run the games and conduct at least one practice each week and Assistants to a Youth Coach help manage a team while a Youth Coach leads practices and games. If you would like to volunteer, see the Volunteer Roles Page above. 

League Membership Fees fund TJSL’s college scholarship program that provides awards to high school students that volunteer with TJSL throughout the year.